Other services

Web site maintenance.

We provide website maintenance, which includes content management, small additions and improvements programming tasks, database information prophylactic treatment, backups, recovery, problem solving, user consultation and site improvement suggestions.
We provide website information synchronization with the company's accounting systems.

Website HTML template creation.

From a graphic format design files  navigable HTML files are created according the required views. A complete set of JavaScript and CSS files are provided.
This service is a part of website development and is oriented to programming firms, which form the final product.

Server installation and administration.

The service includes Unix, Linux OS installation, configuration for your hardware. We can carry out specialized servers, such as Web servers, database servers (MySQL), configuration and administration.

Data backup service.

Servers or workstations data backup routine is maintained. We provide online access to backup copies and data recovery.

Website conversion to type NoSQL database applications.

More and more often there are situations where a traditional relational database (eg. MySQL) are unable to be fast enough to handle the increasing amount of data. In these and many other application areas emerged new NoSQL database. We offer a restructuring of the data and the corresponding reprogramming existing website to any of NoSQL databases (MongoDB, ClusterPoint, ElasticSearch, ...). Help you choose the most appropriate one. We provide adequate hosting infrastructure, the creation of clusters and data replication.